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Recycling group: Bottle deposit states create more jobs Shawn Wright

Dec. 15, 2011 Bottle deposit return systems create 11 to 38 times more jobs than curbside recycling systems for beverage containers, a recently released report has found. Waste & Recycling News

Story Features CRI!

Returning to Work By Clarissa Morawski and Jeff Morris

December 2011 Workers are needed in landfilling, curbside recycling, and container deposit return. But which sector brings the most much-needed jobs to the U.S. economy? Our authors provide a detailed analysis of the positive impact container deposit return programs can have on job creation. Resource Recycling

CRI mentioned: Understanding what these job impacts are, at each and every stage of resource extraction and recovery, is what guided new research just released by the Container Recycling Institute.


Hydration Stations Spread Quietly Across Campus By SUNSHINE OSELLA

November 21, 2011 The College of Saint Rose prides itself on a long standing commitment to taking care of the environment. One of the newest projects already in use on campus and being expanded are the hydration stations. The Saint Rose Chronicle

CRI cited: "According to the Container Recycling Institute only 14 percent of water bottles in New York were recycled in 2006, compared to 70 percent for soft drink containers."

Sens. Carper, Snowe Celebrate Unanimous Approval of Resolution in Support of Recycling (Press Release)

Nov 17, 2011 Last night, Sens. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), Co-Chairs of the Senate Recycling Caucus, celebrated the unanimous Senate approval of a resolution that expresses support for improvement in the collection, processing and use of recyclable materials throughout the United States. Senator Thomas Carper

CRI mentioned: Numerous organizations have endorsed the resolution, including ...Container Recycling Institute

America Recycles Day 2011 By Christina Miralla

Nov 15, 2011 If you haven’t taken the initiative to recycle – today’s the day to start with Nov. 15 being America Recycles Day (ARD) and all. Environmental Protection
CRI Quoted: “According to the Container Recycling Institute, for every thousand tons of beverage containers recycled, between 1.5 and 7 jobs can be created by private industry. So recycling those energy-rich natural resources not only helps us become energy independent, but it also creates private sector jobs that we desperately need in this country.”

Alcoa & Alcoa Foundation Provide Recycling Tools to Help Americans Protect the Planet and Earn Cash in Recognition of America Recycles Day, November 15 (Press Release)

Nov 7, 2011 Recycling is not only good for the planet, but good for your wallet too. Alcoa
CRI cited: “According to the Container Recycling Institute, for every thousand tons of beverage containers recycled, between 1.5 and 7 jobs can be created by private industry. So recycling those energy-rich natural resources not only helps us become energy independent, but it also creates private sector jobs that we desperately need in this country.”

Bottle Bills Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss

October 30, 2011 Dear EarthTalk: Why don’t more states mandate deposits on beverage bottles as incentives for people to return them? Most bottles I’ve seen only list a few states on them. E Magazine

CRI Cited: According to the Container Recycling Institute (CRI), a California-based non-profit which encourages the collection and recycling of packaging materials (and runs the website, the benefits of bottle bills include: supplying recyclable materials for a high-demand market; conserving energy, natural resources and landfill space; creating new businesses and green jobs; and reducing waste disposal costs and litter.

Tearing Apart the Package Myth Advocates Call for More Recycling of Milk Cartons and Water Bottles By Julianne Couch

October 12, 2011 If there are myths behind recyclable containers and the markets available for them, they were cleared up for an audience of solid waste and recycling professionals last week. Sustainable City Network

CRI Cited: Susan V. Collins of the Container Recycling Institute also dispelled myths about the specific environmental benefit of recycling. She said the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released when a product is manufactured and used should be the measure that counts when calculating landfill diversion, not the tonnage of the waste...

Conference unveils latest recycling trends
Concept is to extend the producer's responsibility in keeping reusable materials out of landfills.

A main topic of Iowa Recycling and Solid Waste Management Conference is how to keep recyclable and reusable material out of the state's landfills and get it back into circulation in one form or another. Dubuque TH

CRI Cited: Susan Collins, of the Container Recycling institute, said extended producer responsibility and deposit bills have roles to play depending on the package.

Max A Pooch Called New Mascot for Recycling!
Container Recycling Institute features Max A Pooch in an article in its October newsletter.
(Press Release)

Oct 6, 2011 Keith Sanderson, Sidekick of Max A Pooch, announced today that Valerie Hoy, CRI (Container Recycling Institute) Director of Communication wrote "Recycling has found a new mascot in Max A Pooch, a "recycled" dog from Lake County, IL." Max A. Pooch

CRI Mentioned: He points to the Container Recycling Institute and their endorsement of  the current Senate resolution for improved recycling  as positive action.

Rise Above Plastics This October By Justin Cote

September 29 2011 Join the Surfrider Foundation and Rusty as they celebrate Raptoberfest – a month long initiative to raise awareness about the harms of single-use plastics in our marine and coastal environments. Transworld Surf

CRI Cited: The Container Recycling Institute estimates Americans buy more than 28 billion single serving bottles annually, and only recycle about 20%.

Give Normal residents curbside recycling (Letter to the Editor)

September 23, 2011 Not recycling has become a huge concern all across the United States, not just to environmentalists but to average involved Americans who take part and recycle.

CRI quoted: “Two-thirds of all beverage containers in the United States never get recycled,” according to The Container Recycling Institute.

Bottle Recycling Plan Is Left at the Curb
For Coke, Supply of Used Plastic From Neighborhood Programs Falls Short as Demand Climbs in China

August 19, 2011 When Coca-Cola Co. opened a new recycling plant here in January 2009, it trumpeted it as a centerpiece in its goal to recycle all of the plastic bottles that hold its drinks. Today, the troubled facility highlights the Atlanta beverage giant's struggles to build a recycling business in the U.S. The Wall Street Journal

CRI Quoted: "It's a no-brainer. We need to implement more deposit programs,'' said Susan Collins, executive director of the Container Recycling Institute, a nonprofit group.

Five steps toward better health and a healthier planet By DAPHNE HOWLAND

July 05 2011 It takes physical, mental, and logistical effort to maintain a regular workout. The reason to stick to it is the long, wide-ranging list of major physical and mental benefits from regular exercise, covering heart disease, cancers, mental illness and more. But you may be overlooking the big picture. You have opportunities for healthy habits in between and during workouts that are not only good for your own mind and body, but also are good for the health of planet.

CRI cited: Each year, Americans buy some 34.6 billion single-serving plastic water bottles of a liter or less, according to the Container Recycling Institute. Almost 80 percent of those end up in landfills or incinerators, and millions of others litter waterways, highways, and byways. Meanwhile, tons of energy goes into the production and filling of bottles, the institute says. Dallas News

Diverting glass from landfill aim of new bottle recycling container design

July 26, 2011 A new bottle recycling container is helping to divert glass from needlessly being sent to landfill. The Bottle Bin™ reusable container helps Ontarians to conveniently store, sort and return their empty wine, beer and spirit bottles. Glass containers are diverted from landfill and consumers are assisted to take full advantage of the Ontario Deposit Return Program (ODRP). CNW

CRI Cited: "On average, 40% of all glass bottles put in single-stream recycling bins end up in landfill, according to a 2009 Container Recycling Institute study. "

State report offers case for expanding bottle law
N.H., Maine to compare costs
By David Abel

July 20, 2011 Assertions by critics that expanding the bottle law would cost $116 million a year are “inflated’’ and “debunked by objective facts,’’ according to a report by state officials comparing redemption laws in Massachusetts and neighboring states. Boston Globe

CRI Cited: "The Container Recycling Institute, a California-based monitoring organization, estimated that Americans doubled the bottled water they drank between 2003 and 2005, when more than 50 billion plastic bottles ended up in incinerators, landfills, or as litter."

Keeping cool By: Juana Manahan Yupangco

June 22, 2011 This summer in the Philippines has reached scorching temperatures—it’s important for our babies and us Mamas to stay well hydrated. I’ve found the most gorgeous water bottle courtesy of my schoolmate Melissa Ongsue of Purple Tag. She introduced me to KOR Hydration vessels—made from BPA Free Tritan material. Aside from its many colors and sizes available super star mom Gwyneth Paltrow was seen carrying it.

CRI mentioned: "For every sale, they donate 1% of that to various non-profit organizations such as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, The Wetlands Initiative, The Container Recycling Institute and The Blue Planet Run." Philippine Daily Inquirer

Plastic by Any Other Name
Coke and Pepsi's plant-based bottles still damage the environment.
By Amy Westervelt

June 14, 2011 Despite all the buzz, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo's plant-based bottles are still very much plastic. The companies have merely replaced the fossil fuels (petroleum and natural gas) traditionally used to make their plastic bottles with ethanol from renewable sources (plant waste in Pepsi's case and Brazilian sugar cane in Coke's).

CRI cited: "The bottles currently produced by major bottling companies use about 4 percent recycled content, according to Susan Collins, executive director of the Container Recycling Institute." Slate


Rexam defends green credentials of beverage can

Nov 15


Beverage Daily

Toxic Industrial Spill Kills Four People, Injures 120 in Hungary

Oct 6


Environmental Leader

U.S. Aluminum Can Recycling Reached 57.4 percent in 2009 (Press Release)

Sep 14


Business Wire

Aluminum can recycling tops 57 percent in 2009

Sep 16


Resource Recycling Electronic Newsletter

Montebello Commissions Enval to Perform Recyclability Tests

Jul 1


Recycling Today

Aluminium beverage can recycling trends upwards

Jun 8

Aluminium beverage can recycling in the EU 27 increases to 63% (Press Release)

May 31


European Aluminium Association

Life-Cycle Study Reveals That Infinitely Recyclable Aluminum Can More Sustainable Than Ever: Aluminum Can Carbon Footprint Cut By 44 Percent (Press Release)

May 25


Aluminum Association



Americans Throw Away 1,500 Aluminum Cans Per Second.

Sep 4


The Good Human


Aluminum recycling luster dims: report

Dec 31


American Metal Market

Aluminum Can Recycling Rate Falls To 51.5%; We Throw Away 1,500 Cans A Second.

Mar 5


The Good Human




Lifting of can ban panned


Nov 27




Beverage container discard rate jumps 3.1% in '04, CRI estimates




American Metal Market

Life Cycle Studies: Aluminum Cans [PDF, 780Kb]




Worldwatch Magazine

News Release: Stemming the Tide of Trashed Aluminum Cans: Industry Efforts Fall Flat




Container Recycling Institute

UBC recycling on mend as '04 rate increases




American Metal Market

Aluminum Halts Decline in Can Recycling: The true story about the container being half full or half empty




Crosslands Bulletin on Law, Business, and the Environment

Misleading aluminum recycling data




Solid Waste & Recycling (Canada)

Why UBC's remain the MIA's of the metal recycling wars




American Metal Market











Aluminum Can Recycling Rate Hits Lowest Point in Six Years (March 1996)
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