Market share by beverage and package

Market share by beverage and package

Pie chart. Description followsCarbonated soft drinks in aluminum cans has held steady as the single largest component of the total beverage market in 2006 at 28%—63 billion units sold.

For the first time, sales of PET plastic water bottles and aluminum beer cans are nearly tied with 15% market share each: 35 billion water bottles and 34 billion beer cans.

Beer in one-way glass bottles comprised 13% of the market (29 billion) and carbonated soft drinks in PET bottles comprised 11% of the total market (24 billion sold) in 2006.

Wine & spirits in glass comprised 2%, fruit drinks in plastic: 2%, sports drinks in PET: 2%, energy drinks in aluminum: 1%, fruit drinks in glass:1%, and all other drinks made up 9% of the beverage market.