Popularity of plastic takes toll on oceans, puts human health at risk

November 27th , 2017  - Our love affair with plastic—from water bottles, shopping bags, and drinking straws, to consumer product packaging—is taking a toll on the world’s oceans, and damaging the health of people, marine birds, and animals. Read More

Calif. subsidy hike could stem bottle bill ‘crisis’

November 15th , 2017  -Redemption center closures continue to plague California, leaving fewer convenient options for beverage container returns and contributing to a decrease in the state’s redemption rate. Read More

California identifies ‘priority’ packaging for mandatory policy

October 11th, 2017  -October 11th, 2017 - Film, expanded polystyrene and pouches are among the materials and products California officials say could be subject to mandatory packaging management rules. Read More

Bottled water regulated for health, safety

Septempter 22nd, 2017  -See Corrections: ”According to the Container Recycling Institute 2013 data, Americans bought an estimated 42.6 billion plastic water bottles in sizes of one gallon or less in 2010. 72% of those bottles ended up in a landfill or incinerator, while hundreds of millions ended up as litter in our waterways."

NOTE: the comparable figures for 2015 were 58.1 billion water bottles sold, and 68% of those were wasted (not recycled).Read More

New law will shut down many of Fresno’s can, bottle recycling centers

Septempter 21st, 2017  -September 21st, 2017 - On Thursday, the council approved a new ordinance to seriously restrict how and where such recyclers – called CRV (California Redemption Value) recycling centers – can operate. The 7-0 vote is the first step toward final approval, most likely in two weeks. The law, sponsored by Councilmen Paul Caprioglio and Oliver Baines, would take effect 30 days after a final vote. Read More