Exclusive: Kum & Go Grows its Recycling Efforts

January 14th, 2014 - IOWA - WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- Known as one of the industry’s greenest retailers, with its embrace of energy-efficient building and biofuels, Kum & Go LC is also making a huge commitment to recycling at the pump.  Read More
10-cent bottle fee: Slam dunk for environment or consumer nuisance?

January 14th, 2014 - Minn - Six years ago, the state decided that by 2012 Minnesotans should be recycling 80 percent of the billions of drink containers they use every year — a lofty goal that would keep it at the forefront of waste reduction nationally.  Read More
State considers 10-cent deposits on recyclable beverage containers

Januray 9th, 20134 - Minn - A proposed 10-cent fee for bottles, cans and other beverage containers would boost Minnesota’s recycling volume by some 1.9 billion containers per year but could also saddle consumers or beverage firms with $29 million in new costs as beverage prices rise.  Read More
Recycling Report Card

December  11th, 2013 - CA - There's nothing new about reusing and recycling. Archeological digs (see here and here) reveal evidence of people recycling stuff as far back as 400 BC; some scientific evidence suggests recycling goes back to the Neanderthals and possibly beyond.  Read More
Wasting Away

Novemebr 26th, 2013 - There’s a place not too far from here – and not too far from where you are reading this right now, either – where all the stuff we don’t want ends up.  Read More