Massachusetts Senate approves bottle bill  - David Abel

July 21, 2012 - Massachusetts - Every legislative session for nearly two decades, state lawmakers have proposed bills to expand the bottle law, the nickel deposit that encourages recycling of soda, beer, and malt beverage containers.  The bills have died every time, usually cast into the legislative oblivion known as being “sent to study.”  Read More

Spinning the Bottle  - David Abel

August 9th, 2012 - MA - There may be no better illustration of how, even in the relatively progressive commonwealth, monied special interests are all but granted exclusive decision-making power over our daily lives than the ongoing battle over the expansion of the Mass. Bottle Bill.  Read More

Traditional bottle deposits to be piloted in Scotland - Caelia Quinault

June 11th, 2012 - Scotland - The Scottish Government has announced £900,000 in funding through its waste delivery body Zero Waste Scotland to develop pilot ‘deposit return’ and ‘reverse vending’ facilities.  These systems will reward people for recycling empty bottles and cans through a range of incentives such as money back, discount vouchers or loyalty points. Read More

Quebec to raise beverage container deposits to 10 cents - Shawn Wright

June 11th, 2012 - Canada - Quebec plans to raise deposits for beer and soft drink cans to 10 cents per returned item by the end of this year under a new five-year plan to deal with its recyclables. Read More

Handy Guide: Home water filtration - by Jura Koncius

May 30 2012 - Americans have a growing taste for water. Many are installing home water filters for a variety of reasons: wanting to improve the taste of their tap water, a desire to reduce consumption of bottled water and health concerns. Although drinking water in the vast majority of homes meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for quality, some consumers use point-of-use water filtration systems to help reduce certain contaminants. Most typically, carbon filters are installed on faucets or used in pitchers or bottles. Read More