It’s Time to Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles

February 10th, 2016 - Every time I sit in Frost Cafe, I see student after student go up to the counter and buy a plastic water bottle. They toss them in their backpacks and drink them throughout the day. Read More

Can We Rescue Glass Recycling?

February 4th, 2016 - Glass is at the very heart of longstanding recycling programs. Yet the need to surgically extract glass to keep our recycling systems alive is a decision we’ve been asked to consider. Read More

Are your glass bottles really getting recycled?

February 3rd, 2016 - When everything — glass containers, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and spent paper products of all shapes and sizes — can be chucked into a single bin and hauled to the curb, folks who normally balk at the act of recycling are more likely to participate. (Some people really hate sorting, apparently.) Read More

British Columbia Rejects Proposal For Second Product Stewardship Option

January 29th, 2016 - British Columbia has rejected a proposal for a second packaging and paper product stewardship option in the province, which its advocate said would give businesses and residents more recycling options. Read More

The Violent Afterlife of a Recycled Plastic Bottle

December 4th 2015 - Most of us do not think much about recycling. We might clean bottles and jars, crush cartons and break down boxes. We might sort these items into their designated bins or bags, but once we lose sight of the recyclables, the rest of the process is an abstraction. Read More