Fresh Ideas: Talking trash in the capital city

February 13th, 2018 - Carson City has embarked on an unprecedented campaign of trash talking. Yes, city government is boldly going forth to envision the future — of garbage collection and recycling — with your help.  Read More

Gilford Looks to Establish More Stringent Recycling Program

January 23rd, 2018 - GILFORD — Current plans to update the Gilford Solid Waste Center would replace single-stream recycling with a more traditional process in which glass, cardboard, and cans are placed into separate bins.  Read More

Study shows new recovery rate of containers in Iowa

January 18th 2018 - DES MOINES -- A new Waste Characterization Study completed by the Iowa DNR has determined the recovery rate for containers covered under the bottle deposit law is 71 percent, down from 86 percent in 2007. The decrease in the recovery rate is consistent with other states that also have a bottle bill. Read More

Mountains of U.S. recycling pile up as China restricts imports

January 2nd, 2017 - After you collect your cans, bottles and paper, then put them out by the curb, do you ever think about where everything goes after the truck picks things up? Largely, it goes to China. Read More

Popularity of plastic takes toll on oceans, puts human health at risk

November 27th , 2017  - Our love affair with plastic—from water bottles, shopping bags, and drinking straws, to consumer product packaging—is taking a toll on the world’s oceans, and damaging the health of people, marine birds, and animals. Read More



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