Why you need to wash your recyclables

June 19th, 2019 - If you are a good steward of the Earth and conscious of your waste stream, you probably make an effort to recycle. And that’s good news for the Earth, which could use more people recycling. Though about 75 percent of American waste is recyclable, only about 30 percent is recycled. Read More

Consumer groups bemoan loss of Californian recycling centre

June 14th, 2019 - Consumer and recycling advocates held a press conference in front of the Santa Monica Community Recycling Center on Wednesday to protest its closure tomorrow. The closure of the facility in the US state of California comes after the local council could not agree a deal with its operator, meaning that separation of Santa Monica’s recyclable… Read More

Consumer and Recycling Advocates Condemn Loss of Last Recycling Center West of 405 Freeway; Declare Closing of Santa Monica Recycling Center A Cry For Help To Sacramento

June 12, 2019 -- At the site of the soon-to-be shuttered bottle Santa Monica Community Recycling Center, consumer advocates called on California lawmakers and regulators to rescue the failing redemption industry. The center, closing Saturday, is the last redemption center west of the 405, serving 200,000 people on LA's Westside. Read More

Can Robots Help Pick Up after the Recycling Crisis?

May 13th, 2019 - The nation’s recycling crisis has hit the New Orleans area. Blaming a major policy change by the Chinese government, the Arizona-based operator of the Metairie facility that sorts items collected curbside in parts of New Orleans and most of Jefferson Parish has informed garbage contractors that they can no longer take residential recycling collections to the Metairie location starting Friday. Read More

New CT bottle fees could generate $340M in recycling

May 2nd, 2019 - HARTFORD — A bill hiking the bottle deposit from a nickel to a dime passed the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee on Wednesday by a 36 to 13 vote. Read More



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