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 new iconAssessment of Economic and Environmental Impacts of Extended Producer Responsibility Programs Operating in   BC in 2014 (November 2016)

Morrison Hershfield for the British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Metro Vancouver, 2016 | Provides measurements of the financial and environmental impacts from the implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs in BC. Includes data on job creation, greenhouse gas emissions reductions and other metrics specifically associated with the EPR program for beverage containers.
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 CA State Auditor Reviews CalRecycle (November 2014)

During our review of CalRecycle’s administration of the beverage program, we noted the following: The beverage program’s long term financial health is at risk the program’s costs exceeded revenues by $100 million in three of the last four fiscal years and by nearly $29 million in the past fiscal year.
Download PDF   [PDF, 131KB]

Beverage Containers: Summary of the Stewardship Initiative for Minnesota and Wisconsin

| Summary of the voluntary stakeholder initiative between Minnesota and Wisconsin to achieve statewide goals of 80% beverage container recycling.  The report includes information about current beverage container sales and recycling data for the state, disposal data, end market data, and summary of voluntary actions that were developed. [PDF,2MB]

Evaluating End-of-Life Beverage Container Management Systems for California

| Case studies of the beverage container deposit systems in California, Germany, British Columbia and Ontario, Canada, as well as packaging systems in Ontario and Germany. [PDF,6.3MB]

Kerbside Recycling: Indicative Costs and Performance

| Analyzes single-stream, dual-stream, and curbside-sorted collection systems for cost and effectiveness. [PDF,1.45MB]

Waste and Opportunity: U.S. Beverage Container Recycling Scorecard and Report

| Rates 23 beverage companies on environmental performance. [PDF,1Mb]
2006 Edition, by As You Sow and CRI [PDF,1.24Mb]

Economic & Environmental Benefits of a Deposit System for Beverage Containers in the State of Washington

Useful cost/benefit analysis for any locality contemplating a bottle bill. [PDF,807kb]

Understanding Beverage Container Recovery: A Value Chain Assessment Prepared for the Multi-Stakeholder Recovery Project (MSRP)

n objective analysis of the state of U.S. beverage container recycling, and of the costs and success rates of various recycling systems.
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Oregon’s Bottle Bill at 30: How is it Doing?

This discussion of the Oregon bottle bill's successes and areas of improvement can be a useful tool for any state or municipality wanting to evaluate their existing deposit law or to consider passing a new one. [PDF,142kb]


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