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The COVID-19 pandemic has led some deposit states (U.S.) and provinces (Canada)  to temporarily halt enforcement actions on retailers who suspend bottle & can redemption activities for the duration of the outbreak. 

Generally speaking, these announcements do not affect redemption centers, who are free to close their doors in the interests of safety if they so choose. Learn More at BottleBill.org

Please save bottles & cans for recycling! If you live in one of these states or provinces, please rinse your bottles and cans so they don’t smell while you save them for later redemption.


Latest BMDA Report


Bottled Up (2000-2010) - Beverage Container Recycling Stagnates

Three pronounced trends in American beverage consumption and recycling patterns have emerged since CRI’s first BMDA looked at year 2000 data: overall sales growth, non-carbonated sales growth, and stagnating recycling rates—all of which are resulting in higher rates of landfilling, incineration and littering, and other negative environmental impacts.
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This counter represents the number of beverage cans and bottles that have been landfilled, littered and incinerated in the US so far this year
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