Beverage containers wasted by material: 1986 and 2006

Beverage containers wasted, by material: 1986 and 2006

column graph comparing container wasting in 1986 and 2006. Dairy and glass are excluded.In 1986, 648,315 tons of aluminum cans were wasted (not recycled), but in 2006 815,352 tons were wasted.

In 1986, 276,711 tons of steel cans were wasted, but only 1,687 tons were wasted in 2006.

285,188 tons of PET bottles were wasted in 1986, while 2,076,000 tons were wasted in 2006.

In 1986, 58,884 tons of HDPE bottles were wasted, and in 2006, 148,283 tons were wasted.


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