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Join our June 14, 2017, special webcast for the most up-to-date research about Massachusetts’  “Bottle Bill,” with an in-depth look at the findings of two recent CRI studies on:

    The positive economic impact of the current container deposit system on employment in Massachusetts; and
    The “winners and losers” of proposed legislation to repeal the Commonwealth’s Beverage Container Deposit Law.

We’ll provide answers to the most frequently asked questions, such as:

    How many containers were recovered in 2015 in Massachusetts?
    How can recycling rates be improved, and how can more containers be recycled and reused instead of ending up in landfills?
    How does the Bottle Bill directly and indirectly support jobs and contribute to the Commonwealth’s GDP?
    What are the cash flows related to the Bottle Bill, and what are the cost savings for cities and towns?
    What are the commodity values of the recycled materials market?
    What are we learning about the Massachusetts Bottle Bill that applies to other states?

Susan V. Collins, President of CRI, will moderate a panel of experts:

Cynthia Manson - Industrial Economics, Inc. of Cambridge, MA
Rachel Mak - Industrial Economics, Inc. of Cambridge, MA
Jenny Gitlitz - Consultant, Container Recycling Institute




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