CRI Announces New Membership Structure and Webinar Schedule

CRI Announces New Membership Structure and Webinar Schedule


LOS ANGELES – August 20, 2012 – The Container Recycling Institute (CRI) will begin offering annual membership to its supporters beginning this month. A variety of levels and benefit options will allow stakeholders in the recycling, recycled products and packaging industries to meet their specific needs for up-to-date industry information, technical assistance and network access.

“This new structure gives our supporters a greater range of engagement options as well as increased opportunities for collaboration in industry, state and local government and environmental non-profit sectors,” said Susan V. Collins, President, Container Recycling Institute.

Along with this announcement, CRI is also posting its schedule of upcoming webinars. Topics covered by CRI webinars range from comparisons of different recycling programs to changes in legislation that impact how different regions dispose of and recycle waste. As a benefit of membership, organizations and individuals who join at the Associate level or higher will be able to register for webinars free of charge. For non-members, the cost is $59 per webinar. Upcoming CRI webinars include:

Canada’s Beverage Container Recycling Programs: A Comparative Analysis
Author Clarissa Morawski will discuss trends and offer insights about different programs for beverage container recycling. The discussion will explore who bears the costs of recovery. The webinar will include program updates from the Canadian provinces. Read More

Vermont’s Solid Waste Act: Big Changes Ahead
Speakers will discuss Vermont’s new measure (Act 148) to reduce landfill waste and maximize recycling and composting, which includes landfill bans, requirements for haulers and facilities, and a study of Vermont’s existing bottle bill.

California’s Beverage Container Recycling Program Reform
California’s beverage container recycling program boasts an 82 percent recycling rate, and operates more cost-efficiently than any other program in the U.S., making it a superstar among U.S. recycling programs. However, as the program has evolved, new areas for reform have been revealed. This webinar will discuss suggestions for potential improvements.

EPR for Packaging Case Studies: An Update from Ontario, Canada
Ontario has two successful EPR programs for packaging: The Beer Store program and the Blue Box program for residential packaging and printed paper. This webinar highlights Ontario’s success stories and examines the challenges ahead for EPR in North America.

For more information about CRI webinars, including specific dates and speakers, please contact CRI.
Susan V. Collins, CRI President, (310) 559-7451, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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