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Return of Refillables in the United States

Date: Thursday, December 13, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM Pacific (7 AM Hawaii, 12 PM Central, 1 PM Eastern)

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Refillable beverage containers are commonly used throughout the world, but not so much in the United States. Join us on December 13, 2018, special webcast on refillables. Each of our guest speakers will describe their company’s approach to using and collecting refillable beverage containers from their customers.

  • Jules Bailey, Chief Stewardship Officer, Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative
  • Caren McNamara, Founder/CEO, Conscious Container, Truckee, California
  • Thorsten Geuer, Director of Operations, Bayern Brewing Inc., Missoula, Montana
  • Lowell Jooste, Owner, LJ Crafted Wines, La Jolla, California


This webinar will answer the following questions:

  • What are the environmental and economic advantages of refillables?
  • What is the history of refillables in the U.S.?
  • What is the industry standard refillable and how is it different from a single-use bottle?
  • Are refillables more popular outside of the U.S.?
  • How is Oregon effectively promoting refillables?
  • What incentives do consumers have to separate and return refillables in these programs?
  • How have consumers and brands responded to these new approaches?


Please don’t miss this webinar on Thursday, December 13, 2018 and your chance to learn all about refillables and get YOUR questions answered.


Questions: please contact Karen@container-recycling.org


Past Webinars


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Canada’s beverage container recycling rate is more than twice as high as the US.  How do they do it?  This webinar will guide participants through the wide assortment of beverage container recycling programs in Canada – each with their own set of strategic objectives as well as their own rates of effectiveness and costs.

Participants will:

  • Get a complete overview of Canada’s beverage container recycling programs
  • Learn who really pays for these programs, and what they actually cost
  • Gain valuable insight from industry experts and program administrators on recycling trends and economic impacts


Clarissa Morawski, of CM Consulting and author of “Who Pays What: An Analysis of Beverage Container Recovery and Costs in Canada” will distill and clarify the current data as well as offer essential insight on what makes Canada the global leader in beverage container collection and recycling.

Mario Laquerre of Recyc-Quebec will provide an update on Quebec’s 5-year strategic plan which includes doubling the deposit value as well as examining the feasibility of broadening the deposit system to include other beverages not covered under the current deposit-return program.

Ken Friesen of the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association in Manitoba will explain what has been implemented in Manitoba and what additional programs are planned for the near future as this system rolls out.

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