The Impact of Deposit Return Systems on Beverage Sales, July 2023

Evidence-Based Insights From a Global Study

For decades, the beverage industry has resisted the adoption or expansion of deposit return systems (DRS) for beverage containers, citing concerns about potential negative impacts on beverage sales.

To assess the validity of this claim, CRI and Reloop compiled and analyzed per capita packaged beverage sales in existing DRS markets before and after the systems were introduced or expanded, or the deposit amount was increased, using real-world case studies across the globe based on actual, sourced data points.

Our analysis indicates there is no definitive evidence that the introduction of new or changes to existing DRS in and of themselves impacts sales. We hope these study results reduce beverage industry opposition to DRS, enabling the adoption and expansion of programs that can get more recycled material into the supply chain while reducing litter, marine debris, energy use and carbon emissions.

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