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Need more in-depth information about aluminum beverage container sales and recycling in any or all of the United States? Consider requesting a Beverage Market Data Analysis.

How CRI calculates U.S. aluminum can recycling rates



Aluminum Can Life Cycle Analysis

The Aluminum Association calls its 2010 study (undertaken by PE Americas) on the environmental footprint of the aluminum can "one of the most comprehensive life-cycle analyses (LCA) ever conducted by an industry group."    Learn More | Download Report [PDF, 1.4Mb]


Life Cycle Inventory of Soft Drinks in Glass, Aluminum, and PET

A 2009 study of glass, aluminum, and PET soft drink containers found PET bottles produced less solid waste, less greenhouse gas emission, and used less energy than the other two container types. The study covered production of the containers and end-of-life uses, but did not include data on post-fabrication transportation to the filling site, filling, distribution, storage, retail use and consumer use.
More info | Download report [pdf, 484kb]


Watch this video from Novelis President and CEO Phil Martens answering the question of "Why 80% Recycled Metal?"




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Trashed Cans: the Global Environmental Impacts of Aluminum Can Wasting in America

This acclaimed 2002 CRI report details the history of aluminum can recycling and wasting in the United States and provides an excellent summary of the environmental damages from making aluminum all over the world. [PDF, 1.25MB]


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The Role of the Consumer in Reducing Primary Aluminum Demand

This report provides an introduction to the locales where dams and smelter projects are pending, and discusses the leading producers for aluminum and its precursor products, bauxite and alumina; trends in end-uses for aluminum; factors affecting scrap prices, and finally, the range of consumer and citizen actions that can be taken to reduce primary aluminum demand. [PDF, 1,455 Kb]






The Trillionth Can

From 1972-2003, we threw away over one trillion aluminum cans--enough to reach around the earth 3048 times.  Visit CRI's web page with more details on this shocking amount of waste.


Learn how CRI made a difference in 2023 through high-profile initiatives, legislative analysis and advocacy, and education and collaboration.



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    • Calculations - Learn how CRI calculates Aluminum can recycling rates
    • The Trillionth Can - From 1972-2003, we threw away over one trillion aluminum cans--enough to reach around the earth 3048 times.
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