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Need more in-depth information about glass bottle sales and recycling in any or all of the United States? Consider requesting a Beverage Market Data Analysis.


Glass Life Cycle Assessments

Complete Life Cycle Assessment of North American Container Glass

A cradle-to-cradle life cycle analysis of glass conducted by the Glass Packaging Institute in 2010.
Learn more| Download report [pdf,5.47MB]

Glass Life Cycle Analysis

A 2010 analysis by Owens-Illinois of the carbon emissions produced during each phase in the glass life cycle.
Learn more | Download report [pdf,2Mb]

Life Cycle Inventory of Soft Drinks in Glass, Aluminum, and PET

A 2009 study of glass, aluminum, and PET soft drink containers found PET bottles produced less solid waste, less greenhouse gas emission, and used less energy than the other two container types. The study covered production of the containers and end-of-life uses, but did not include data on post-fabrication transportation to the filling site, filling, distribution, storage, retail use and consumer use.
More info | Download report [pdf, 484kb]





Refillable Glass Bottles - Find information on refillable glass bottles and their uses.

Glass Recycling and Bottle Bills - Read this letter to an NC Senator concerning bottle bills.

A glass packaging professional's letter to his senators


Did you know?

Refillable glass bottles can be reused 20 or more times!


Learn how CRI made a difference in 2023 through high-profile initiatives, legislative analysis and advocacy, and education and collaboration.



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