Bottle Bills

The Container Recycling Institute is one of the country's foremost advocates of beverage container deposit legislation (commonly known as bottle bills). Beverage containers make up a large portion of litter in the United States, and deposit laws are known for achieving a high recycling rate for beverage containers and reducing litter where other recycling systems have failed. Did you know that states with bottle bills have a beverage container recycling rate of around 60%, while non-deposit states only reach about 24%?


Because bottle bills are so successful at encouraging beverage container recycling, we have created a website devoted entirely to this important type of legislation. The Bottle Bill Resource Guide at explains more benefits of bottle bills, provides a comprehensive list of places with deposit laws as well as places which are currently trying to pass such legislation.

For those who already understand the great benefits deposit laws have to offer and would like to try to get one passed, we also have created a Bottle Bill Toolkit with resources for launching a successful bottle bill campaign.


Learn how CRI made a difference in 2023 through high-profile initiatives, legislative analysis and advocacy, and education and collaboration.



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